Salvage/ Salvation: ARISE

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The most recent version of Salvage/Salvation, Salvage/Salvation Part 5: ARISE, was presented May-June, 2007 at the abandoned United Brethren in Christ Church in Braddock, PA (on the outskirts of Pittsburgh). The planning process began in October, 2006 through a residency at the Society for Cultural Exchange. The residency was extended to a session in February, 2007, and the working time in the Church, May-June 2007. During the six weeks of residency in the church, 8 artists ranging in age from 20 to 52, local kids, and a variety of volunteers cleaned up the church, created art, shot a movie, and generated buzz and discussion about the neighborhood of Braddock and the ideas of re-use.

The photos below show the process and the results of the Salvage/Salvation presence in the church.
Sign created by Paul Schifino and local children from reclaimed construction netting and clothing from the church basement “Artificial Light” by Paul Schifino (reclaimed construction netting) “Tree of Heaven” by Claire Hoch (outside view–trees, window, dirt)
Brenda Battad at work Untitled installation by Brenda Battad (reclaimed music paper) Claire Hoch at work
Tyrone and Nesha building art for the kids’ gallery Installation by Ingrid Nagin (reclaimed doll costumes from basement) Claire and Ishablee searching for trees
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