Co-Founder and Executive Director of Culture Push

Culture Push is an arts organization that creates programs to nurture artists and other creative people who are approaching common problems through hands-on civic participation and imaginative problem-solving. Culture Push supports the process of creating new modes of thinking and doing and serves a diverse community of creative people. The programs of Culture Push focus on collaboration and group learning through active, participatory experiences. Culture Push programs appear in many different locations, taking many different forms, and public presentations are low-cost or free, to give access to the widest audience.

For more information, see the Culture Push website

Co-Founder and co-Director of Works on Water

Works on Water is a group of artists and practitioners who work with water as site and material in response to the urgency of a changing climate, increasing urban density, and a burgeoning public awareness of ecological concerns. The work connects to current economic, political, and global issues. Works on Water invites the audience to become civically engaged citizens, rather than only consumers and spectators. This social practice helps raise awareness and lead to solutions around significant environmental issues.

For more information, see the Works on Water website

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