Salvage/Salvation: SHINE

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CMacLow-imageASHINE is the light growing, the dark glowing, the invisible body in motion.
SHINE is the end of the day reclaimed and repeated.
SHINE is 99.99% recycled

The Light Log (daily writings about light, 6/8-6/18/16)

What is left in the streets, when the working day is done? The stores close and the residue of retail washes up on the curb, the electric lights spread out and take over. What happens when we capture this flood of detritus and photons and use it again?

The latest iteration of Salvage/Salvation will take place in the chashama storefront at 266 W. 37th St. The gallery will be open Mac Low will be on hand for conversation, group weaving, possible dances, live video editing, the Wall of Living (light) Salvage*, and scavenging tours** during the following hours. A single channel video installation and a wall hanging comprised of linear materials scavenged from the area around 266 can be viewed through the window 24/7.

Open Hours:
Weds. 6/8, 5-9 PM**
Thurs. 6/9 – Sat. 6/11, 4-7 PM
Weds. 6/15, 5:30-8 PM — NEW Hours
Thurs. 6/16, 4-9 PM**
Friday 6/17, 4-7 PM
Sat. 6/18, 1-10 PM: Party!

* For the Wall of Living (light) Salvage, bring some scavenged light and/or take some away. (You decide what “salvaged light” means.)
**On the “scavenging tours” Mac Low will lead viewers through the neighborhood to salvage the day’s discarded materials. Scavenging tours take place 8-9 PM. During the tours the gallery will be locked, but there will be a route posted on the door.

In a time when so much of what we “produce” takes the form of projected light, does scavenging take on a new meaning? It is possible to scavenge light? SHINE investigates the possibilities of hyper-local scavenging, using all the available materials in the area around 266 W. 37th St. Just a few blocks north, Times Square blasts its 24-hour display of high-powered LEDs. In the streets around the 266 storefront vibrant displays of fabric, much of it metallic and sequinned, reflect and refract the bright fluorescent shop lights. The shops alternate with mysterious dark loading bays, the shadows of ever-present scaffolding, dimly-lit bars and restaurants and a few blaringly well-lit and highly designed lobbies. All this is heightened after dark, as the shop lights gradually go out one by one, and the security gates come down.

chashama_logo_taglineThis exhibit is supported in part by a space grant from chashama, and made possible with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

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