Cyborg Nation: Teknotherapy

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Documentation of Cyborg Nation: Teknotherapy
April-May, 2011
Fixer’s Collective* @ Proteus Gowanus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

For Teknotherapy a Cyborg interlocutor (or “teknotherapist”) led group and individual sessions for people grappling with their machinic selves. The sessions were designed to help people accept their cyborg natures. The intimate yet highly mediated experience was used to generate deep conversation among strangers and investigate our relationship to our electronic extensions. Teknotherapy took place on three weekends. Participants were recruited from visitors to the gallery and through online tools (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The “clients” were scheduled for specific dates and times.

*The Fixer’s Collective is a space that houses a group that teaches people to fix their broken machines.

The video leads the viewer through a session, and shows several of the interactions that took place during the course of our time in residence at the gallery. This is a sampling of the clients, over 60 in total, who took advantage of the free teknotherapy sessions.

Larger version: Cyborg Nation: Teknotherapy

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