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January 31 – February 2, 2008
The Kitchen, New York, NY
Created and performed by Clarinda Mac Low
Sound score and design by Mac Low      Video design by Peter Kirn and Mac Low
Lighting by Aaron Copp      Sets by David Evans Morris     Costumes by Aki Sasamoto

In RUI(NATION), a regime is toppling and the disintegrating mind of its ruler runs rampant with speculation and the myth of invincibility. Partnering with the Kitchen’s cavernous space and unique architectural features, I occupied the audience, climbed to the ceiling, crashed around under the seating and generally attempted to create an atmosphere of uncertainty as I examined the ways that can power corrupt and, ultimately, destroy those who wield it. Using multi-media presentation and a combination of aural and visual intensity and intimate hospitality, I aimed to create a character that was simultaneously repellant and appealing.

The video shows excerpts from the performance, and can be viewed from the beginning.

Link to larger version of DAGGER: RUI(NATION)

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