TRYST: Sunk Shore

Sunk Shore
Devised by Paul Benney, Carolyn Hall, and Clarinda Mac Low
in Works on Water, an inaugural triennial of art that works in, with, or on the water, co-produced and presented by New Georges theater company and 3LD Art & Technology, and co-curated by 6 artist/curators, June 2017

Sunk Shore was a playful speculative tour of the future of lower Manhattan.
TRYST led participants along a route close to and on the Hudson River, first into the past (to establish the terrain), then into an extrapolated future, using sensory exercises, the surrounding structures, and evocative props. The events of the tour were based on current information about expected changes due to climate change.

The piece was built to bring people into an embodied experience of climate change data, and bring information that can seem very remote closer, and render the facts much more concrete. The events of the tour were based on research about events expected to take place (and already happening) due to climate change, including rising sea levels and compromised drinking water. At the end of the tour, everybody was given a pamphlet that contained all the data used to create the tour.


Accompanying video (Maps from the past by Eve Mosher. Maps of the future by C. Mac Low):