2012: The Year of Dance

2012: The Year of Dance was an artistic research project that explored how art-making builds communities and families. It took the structure of an ethnographic study, with a “fieldwork” stage (a year of making dance performances) and a “data analysis” stage.

Field work:
40 Dancers do 40 Dances for the Dancers

Data analysis
A Year in Dance

In 2012 I decided to create a year of tribute to my dance world, a world I thought I left but never did. The year 2012 marked my 25th year of being back in New York City and living as a professional artist, so it was my 25th anniversary year, and the piece became my farewell/comeback tour. I worked on the meta-performance of being a dancer and a dance-maker — foregrounding the performance of the process, putting the labor of the making of the performance on equal ground with the culminating performance moment. I acted as an embedded ethnographer in the world I know, a participant-observer living within and analyzing simultaneously. Much of the year was spent experimenting with, and culminated with, performance based on The Pronouns: A Collection of 40 Dances for the Dancers, a book by my father, Jackson Mac Low

For some writing about the origins of this idea, go to Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence

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